The #1 Developer Service for File Uploads

With just two lines of code build a fast, powerful file uploader for your website or application that just works.

Build on top of our world class API uploading infrastructure using one of our SDKs.








The World's First File Picker for Developers

The cloud is the new hard drive. Connect your end users to more than 20 of the world’s most popular cloud drives for a powerful file uploading experience.

Ingest Files with our JavaScript Library

Dynamically program file uploads from over 20+ cloud providers. Programmatically define uploading capabilities on a per instance basis.

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const client = filestack.init('YOUR_API_KEY'); const results = document.getElementById('result'); const setResults = res => { const files =; return results.innerHTML = files; }; const openPicker = () => { return client.pick({ maxFiles: 1 }) .then(setResults); }

Drag and Drop made simple. Allow users to drag and drop files directly into the File Picker.

Take advantage of the Filestack CDN and Transformations with Storage Aliases. No need to re- upload or make your cloud container public. Transform and deliver files in your existing cloud storage accounts without having to re-upload first.


File Picker Features

Our File Picker is an easy-to-use file upload tool that allows you to integrate your app with 20+ cloud drives, including Dropbox, Facebook, and more, in just two lines of code. Let Filestack handle the mess of uploading files – we give you a clean, short URL that is easy to store and read from.



Users can preview their uploaded files directly inside the File Picker.


Connect to 20+ Cloud Drives

Connect your app directly to AWS, Facebook, Dropbox, Instagram, and more.


Progress Bar Uploads

Give your users confidence that their files are on the way to the right destination.


Multi-File Uploads

Let your users upload multiple files at one time for speed and simplicity.


Custom CSS

Filestack blends seamlessly into your website or app. Ask about white-labeling.


Client-Side Crop

Users can crop files to perfection before sending them to your website or app.


Unlimited Uploading

Upload any file type, from any local or cloud source, at any scale.


Customizable Sources

Adjust sources, file types, and file sizes if you’d like to restrict user-uploaded files.


Secure Cloud Storage

Store uploads directly in your cloud storage for ease and accessibility.

Interested in High-speed uploading?

Try the Filestack Content Ingestion Network™ (CIN) to upload files up to 10X faster. The FIlestack CIN acts as a Reverse CDN by utilizing a globally distributed network of Filestack Ingestion Points-of-Presence (POPs) to upload files virtually instantaneously anywhere in the world.


Learn more about our Content Ingestion Network (CIN)