The Filestack Viewer

The easiest and most reliable way to display documents in your application.

Simple to Use

Easily transfer your assets to our secure API and copy and paste the code into your application. From the moment someone enters your site, rest assured that Filestack will deliver.

Complete Control

Our simple UI gives your users complete control over their documents. Without ever leaving your site, your customers can comfortably sift through their documents in a word processor setting.

Fully Responsive Experience

Your customers are on the move, and we get it. Our viewer is fully responsive to mobile users without losing any functionality. No matter the device, the Filestack Viewer will deliver the same experience it would on a computer.

Try It Out



Receive a hard copy of your documents without ever leaving the viewer.

Text search (Ctrl + F)

Looking for something? Our viewer text search enables users to easily locate any section of their document.

Zoom in and out

Focus on a particular section, or take a step back and analyze a whole diagram. The Viewer’s zoom function gives the user even more control.

Skip between pages

Skip over table of contents or transition slides. The Viewer’s skip feature helps people work faster.

Rotate pages

Rotate your documents in any direction, plus, any rotation never edits the actual file.

Presentation mode

Jump into presentation mode to display any projects you are working on.


Whenever you are done using the viewer, simply download straight to your computer or device.

Browse our wide array of accepted filetypes

  • PDF files (PDF)
  • Powerpoint files (PPT, PPTX)
  • Excel files (XLS, XLSX)
  • Word files (DOC, DOCX)
  • ODF word processing documents (ODT)
  • ODF presentation documents (ODP)
  • Image files (gif, tiff, jpg, jpeg, png)
  • HTML files
  • Plain text files
  • Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop files (AI, PSD)