The Best Uploading Technology for High Performance Mobile Applications

Ensure fast, reliable file uploads anywhere in the world regardless of device, file size or network condition.

Increase Mobile File Upload Performance with Filestack Intelligent Ingestion

Filestack Intelligent Ingestion was built with reliability in mind. Failed uploads often occur because of flaky networks, inconsistent connections, or inadequate bandwidth. FII is an innovative technology that automatically responds to challenging upload conditions to ensure your uploads get to their final destination, giving you peace of mind.

Large File Uploads - Large files can be chunked as small as 32 kilobytes to ensure upload success across any device, browser, or network condition.

Congestion Control - Our world class upload API automatically adapts to poor network conditions and adjusts chunk sizes to ensure delivery.

Multipart / Resumable Uploads - Pick up exactly where the upload left off, whether due to an intentional pause or your upload being interrupted.

Increase Upload Speed Up to 10X with the Filestack Content Ingestion Network (CIN)

Filestack Intelligent Ingestion is built off of the Filestack Content Ingestion (CIN) to accelerate upload speed and reliability. The Filestack CIN acts as a reverse Content Delivery Network (CDN) by providing a global network of Filestack Ingestion Points-of-Presence (POPs) that store files uploaded nearest them for virtually instantaneous upload speed. Filestack supports Ingestion POPs in the US, EU, Tokyo, Australia and more.

Upload From Remote Regions

The Filestack CIN uses international and regional Ingestion POPs to temporarily store files, so your users files upload fast, no matter where they are located.

Add Your Own CDN

All uploaded files can be delivered through Filestack’s CDN to ensure you can deliver the files as speedily as you upload them.

Store to S3 & More

Store your files in Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Dropbox, Rackspace or Google Cloud Storage with just one integration.


" For our high-end customers, site speed is everything... We've seen a 27% reduction in load time since implementing Filestack. "


Elegant User Experience Out-of-the-Box

The file picker comes with everything you need to create a fantastic user experience, right out of the box. From multiple upload sources, to multi-file upload capabilities and in-app editing UI, Filestack is built and tested with your users in mind.

Upload Source Integration - Allow your users to upload assets directly from Facebook, Dropbox, Google Search, Webcam and more with just one seamless integration.

In-App Image Editing - Add image filters and transformations such as crop, rotate and more to your file uploader to enable your users to edit their own images.

Vetted on 100,000 Apps - Fully customizable for your application, the File Picker is used on a hundred thousand applications across the web, and is easily the standard for file upload.

Add World Class Uploading to Your Mobile App Today

Take advantage of all Filestack has to offer whether you’re using iOS, Android, or both! Filestack SDK’s are built to run natively on your platform of choice: Swift 3 for iOS and Java for Android.

Intelligent Ingestion

Ensure high performance uploads across all devices, browsers, and network conditions.

Multipart Uploads

Files large or small are no problem as our Files API systematically chunks them for seamless delivery.

Image transformations

Crop, resize, compress, tag images and more using our powerful transformations engine.

High octane asset delivery

Partnered with Fastly, Filestack gets your files to where your users need them in a snap.

File Security Policies

Ensure privacy and security for your assets.

Dev-to-Dev Support

Reference detailed documentation, sample applications, and a support team of developers at your back.