Improve File Upload Reliability 100x Across All Devices and Network Conditions

Filestack Intelligent Ingestion™ will smartly upload your files so your users never see another upload error.

Eliminate File Upload Failures for Your Applications

See our research on enhancing file upload resilience for unreliable networks.

Your Customers Deserve the Best. Protect them from Upload Failures.

Uploading with a poor mobile connection, a congested network, or from rural areas where broadband is not widely available can often result in the pain of long wait times, or worse, complete failure. Reliability and performance are key to creating premium, uninterrupted user experiences, which is why we built Filestack Intelligent Ingestion™: to account for all of the complexities of file uploading.


Mobile Networks

Mobile traffic is growing every year, yet 33% of users worldwide are on 3G connections or less, which are unable to handle increasing loads.


Hotels, Restaurants & Coffee Shops

Hotspot vendors often share connections between many guests, or have QoS policies in place that can throttle even the most performant broadband networks.


Rural Internet

39% of rural Americans don’t have broadband internet access. Where terrain and low density constrain bandwidth & internet access, traditional uploading can be difficult.


” We have thousands of users uploading files on our platform every day. Upload failures can decrease conversion by creating a poor user experience. We’re thrilled to see Filestack tackling this challenge to ensure an uninterrupted experience for our users. “​

Dorian Collier, Director of Product at JibJab

Filestack Intelligent Ingestion™ Solves for Upload Failure 99.999% of the Time.

Filestack Intelligent Ingestion™ is radically superior to all other file uploading methods. Across all testing, Filestack proves to be faster and more reliable than any other technology on the market.


Resumable Uploads

A common file upload strategy is to resume or retry uploads when they do not succeed. Although important, this technique alone will not upload a file when the network quality is consistently poor.


The Intelligent Part

Unlike any technology on the market, Filestack Intelligent Ingestion™ works by dynamically adjusting for network conditions to guarantee upload success 99.999% of the time.


The Best of the Best

In all testing, Filestack Intelligent Ingestion™ shows superiority for speed and reliability. In conditions where other technologies cannot successfully upload files, FII remains a high performing upload solution.

Bad Network Conditions

Testing a network with big request loss where loss is random 0-60% (common for mobile devices or faulty hardware).


42 MB File Size

6 MB File Size

3 MB File Size

Filestack Standard

Filestack Intelligent Ingestion™

Google Drive


jQuery File Uploader

Low Quality of Service

Testing a network where a low size limit has been set and files are being sent over a connection with a router that has many connections happening simultaneously. (This is common for hotels, restaurants, and coffee shops.)


42 MB File Size

6 MB File Size

3 MB File Size

Filestack Standard

Filestack Intelligent Ingestion™

Google Drive


jQuery File Uploader

Improve Your File Upload Performance Today.

Filestack Intelligent Ingestion™ can be easily implemented into your application with no maintenance required. Contact us  to get started today, and never see another file upload failure again.



An SDK for your Stack

Filestack offers official libraries for JavaScript, React, PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails, iOS, and Java.


Amazon S3 Integration

Filestack integrates directly with Amazon S3 as well as Microsoft Azure, Rackspace, Dropbox, and Google Cloud Storage.


Dev-to-Dev Support

Reference detailed documentation, sample applications, and a support team of developers at your back.


" Being smart here, in my opinion, is seriously looking at Filestack to give you a fantastic uploading experience, while you spend your time on your product vision, not already-solved problems. "

Chris, Founder of Codepen & CSS-Tricks

Build on top of our world class API uploading infrastructure using one of our SDKs.